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A Lamp and its HistoryParisian !! 1920The 1920s cover the period from 1920 to 1929. At the end of the First World War, a movement of euphoria and liberation invaded France. The French people rediscover the pleasure of having fun and all of society rediscovers an interest in culture. The 1920s became the Roaring Twenties, synonymous with boiling and effervescence.It is an atmosphere lamp, hushed and carefree Parisian nights, rhinestones and glitter, dances from all over Paris.An indoor kerosene lamp, the peculiarity of which does not lie in a definite utility, but in an era, that of the "roaring twenties". This is the so-called "Parisian" lamp. From this era of huge fringes, fringes and huge necklaces, it inherited "tassels", often made of small colored beads forming a pattern, which break the light. It carries a round lampshade, all in brass, more or less worked, but still has several small holes closed by colored cabochons, translucent, which form as many points of light.A lamp that will enrich your interiors, it is a gem of France and a story, all our lamps are authentic and have been restored with great care and electrified to NF standards."Plug adapter from any country supplied"The idea of being able to acquire a unique object, which has a history and which was designed with love and respect. This idea of valuing the know-how, the diversity of local Parisian manufacturing. A lamp made for you. With pleasure and respect we will answer additional questions from our customers.Arrange a house an apartment, Agency a restaurant. Give French charm, for the purchase of two Parisian Lamps a 15% discount will be granted, for any higher purchase contact us.A lamp in the Art Nouveau style will decorate your home interior - living room, library, bedroom and even kitchen. Sometimes, I look at these little "Parisians" - their amazing charm and French grace will be a great addition to the window of your French-style cafe or small restaurant. Each lamp has a unique design and shape.To get more inspiration from our collection, follow the link: 4.6 (from 4300 reviews) 38.99EUR Suppliers: In stock